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A Sepik Man

A Sepik man took a tourist for a boat ride along the Sepik River. The tourist began asking the Sepik man, "Do u know Biology, Psychology, Theology, Geology, Ecology and Criminology?" The Sepik guy said NO. The tourist then said: "What the hell do u know on the face of this earth then? U will die of illiteracy!"

After a while, the boat started sinking, so the Sepik asked the tourist: "Do u know Swimology and Escapology from Crocodilogy?" The tourist said NO. The Sepik replied: "Well u will Drownology and Crocodilogy will eat your Assology and u will Dieology because your Mouthlogy islike your Assology."

Malivi's picture

Hahaha oh finis play diswan mi no clever lo hem.

Jsd's picture

What a helll.....Sepik man win moa ia....

communis chief's picture

Sepikman go long Rabaul lookim blong Rambo.

go buyem screen, video deck and cassette blong Rambo.

go long vileage, blong hem.

Sepik man host big party na colem every vilig, kam.

sepik man: okay, umi watchim naa Rambo movie.

house lif house nomoa baa...and nomoa electricity long vilig blng hem. go heti now!!!

Kuki's picture

Good joke man, Very funny, next time this sepik man should tell the tourist his mouthlogy is like his cocklogy

kaluman's picture

kokology blo you na ya...hahahaha

KicknKum's picture

Hahahahaha nafu! Sepik true na! Hao sapos Sepik man tok "d crocodiology will bite your assology"!!!! Joke made my day!

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